Over-ice treatment for Honey Dew ale

Fuller's has

told consumers

its Organic Honey Dew ale is to be served over ice.

The London brewer says Honey Dew keeps its flavour better than other beers because it is sweeter, and recommends drinkers add a wedge of lime

to "add further zestiness".

Brand manager Clare Draper said: "We've seen the over-ice long drinks market develop over the

past couple of years and we believe there is an opportunity for more drinks to be served this way. Serving Honey Dew over ice has been embraced by existing drinkers, plus it appeals to people who would normally choose a non-Fuller's beer, so it appears to have succeeded in broadening our market for the beer."

Brands marketing manager David Spencer added: "Before launching we tried many different options, including different beers and different types of serve. Honey Dew was the clear favourite because the flavour doesn't get overwhelmed by the coldness of the ice ."

Since Magners arrived on the scene and breathed new life into the cider category, ice has been the must-have in any beverage. Rosé wine and Champagne marketers have already started pouring their products over ice, and Refresh UK has experimented with serving Manns brown ale on the rocks.