New look and taste for Kaliber

Kaliber, the beer which helped to launch the non-alcoholic category when it first appeared in 1983, has been reformulated by Diageo.

The company said the new liquid has balanced out the sweet and bitter notes. The new product was developed with the aid of tasting panels involving the target market of 45-plus males.

New packaging has been introduced and Kaliber is now available in 4x44cl cans in independent and convenience retailers and also in a 4x33cl bottle cluster in Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda.

Senior brand manager Richard Barlow said: “Kaliber is a fully brewed premium lager. Only then is the alcohol removed, leaving it with its genuine taste and rich amber colour. The reformulation ensures Kaliber will continue its popularity as the responsible drinking, non-alcoholic alternative to premium beer.”

Kaliber was a high-profile stablemate to Guinness in the 1980s, supported by TV advertising starring Billy Connolly. The non-alcoholic beer market, effectively created by Barbican, declined in the 1990s but in recent years brewers have been achieving some success with brands marketed on their lower alcoholic strength.