LIWF Soundbites

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what at the fair

"In order to minimise confusion and misdirected effort, there is an urgent need for the wine industry to establish a common methodology for calculating carbon dioxide emissions. This is the first major challenge: there is no standard for measuring emissions and no government benchmarking - no way to evaluate environmental concerns." David Mawer, managing director,

JF Hillebrand

"Tesco is pushing screwcaps, which

are the least environmentally friendly closure solution; and at the same time they impose criteria on their suppliers to be greener. We will talk to them and say, 'what is this?'"

François-Xavier Denis,

director of sales for Europe

& South Africa, Nomacorc

"I think packaging has got a huge revolution to come. I want to see a composite bottle with PET on the outside and glass as a sandwich, to give the impermeability of glass and the flexibility of PET. Tetra Paks and Eco-packs are very exciting. I certainly think the 800g bottle to put your blockbuster Shiraz in is, or should

be, a thing of the past."

Rob Bowen, winemaker,

Houghton, Western Australia

"What's happening in the wine industry for everyone right now is so promising. Even with the crunch and the dollar, and everything with real estate softening a little bit, there is still so much potential. That is always

exciting. It is a very bright future

for the whole industry."

Gina Gallo, winemaker, E&J Gallo

"I didn't want to be a winemaker; I wanted to be a golf pro. Golf was going to eventually pay for my wine. Now wine pays for my golf, and I'm still playing off a handicap of 18. It's a beautiful thing being a winemaker.

I'm the luckiest man in the world."

Stuart Bourne, winemaker,

Barossa Valley Estates

"The fuel lobby told people how much tax they were paying on fuel and it became unacceptable to add additional tax on fuel. As an industry, to our peril do we allow the government to get away with adding duty to alcohol without trying to engage the consumer about how much tax we pay."

Greg Wilkins, director, Brand Phoenix