Constellation and Rothschild build new brand in Bordeaux

30 May, 2008

Constellation has launched its first French brand - Enchanté - in a joint venture with Bordeaux producer Baron Philippe de Rothschild.

The brand has been developed using Constellation's consumer research Wine Nation and it aims to give UK consumers an aspirational Bordeaux brand that is easy to understand and suits the British palate.

Enchanté is an AOC Bordeaux wine in red, white and rosé variants. It is blended from four regions across the Bordeaux appellation in a bid to express vintage variations but smooth them out a little.

The venture was made possible because Rothschild has bypassed Bordeaux's traditional brokerage system to control its winemaking.

"Customers are caught between the wine they aspire to - Bordeaux - but they want to get it in a consistent way. They are very confused by acres of white labels and châteaux, all of which look the same, but all of which taste different," said Constellation's consultant Master of Wine Philip Goodband. "This is an opportunity to add value to the French category and help customers feel less intimidated."

"Enchanté provides a new take on the Old World, with the perfect blend of the kudos of the Old World and the enjoyment and consistency of modern wines," added marketing VP Clare Griffiths.

The wine is being launched with a £1 million campaign, featuring impressionist-style paintings with a modern twist - such as a Renoir pastiche holding a copy of Hello magazine.

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