Are consumers still trading up with their wine purchases?

"I've noticed more customers are keen for bargains and special offers. People are still buying trophy bottles though

- last week I sold a bottle of Château d'Yquem for £325, so it's not all doom and gloom. The difference from the last recession is

people aren't mortgaged

to the eyeballs."

Richard Royd

The Haslemere Cellar

Haslemere, Surrey

"People don't want to lower the quality

of wine they're drinking

because they've got used to certain standards. On the retail side, sales are up because people would rather buy a bottle of wine to drink at home with a nice meal

than spend lots of money eating out at restaurants."

James Hopains

The Wine Bureau

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

"We've got a supermarket next door but people are still coming to us for higher quality stuff. Good sales might also be down to the weather

- we've not had any rain for months

and people are coming in

to buy wine for barbecues and outdoor events. We've found customers still want to trade up."

Kerrell Kennedy

The Viking Wine Lodge

Ballymoney, County Antrim

"Things like council tax, energy bills and travel are costing more and taking money out of people's pockets. We've put more medium-priced wines in the shop for that reason. Customers are tending to seek out bargains more too."

Stephen Arnold

Ex Cellar, Ashtead, Surrey