Entertainer Cleo Rocos launches new tequila

A tequila produced by entertainer Cleo Rocos will be hitting Sainsbury’s stores next month.

Rocos, most famous for playing Kenny Everett’s sidekick in his hit 1980s show, is president of the Tequila Society and is on a mission to introduce consumers to the premium version of the spirit she claims is hangover-free.

Aqua Riva Reposado is made with 100% blue weber agave and took 10 months to develop in Jalisco, Mexico. Priced at £22.99, it is aged in bourbon casks for at least six months to give it a “smooth, complex taste”.

Rocos told OLN the launch was driven by her passion for tequila and a frustration at only being able to find products that were blended with other chemicals.

She said: “Like everyone else, I had the same experience with tequila when you drink an inferior one.

“But then I went to Mexico and tried the 100% agave tequila, which isn’t the same as the blends you get here. I started doing some work with the boutique brands you

couldn’t get outside Mexico and then I decided to do my own.

“Tequila is the only spirit that is proven to induce happiness, all the others induce depression. I get no bigger kick than seeing people have a good time on it and they don’t have a hangover. Mine is 100% agave and I’ve reduced the methanol so it’s minimal.”

She added that the resulting quality meant it would be possible to charge double for a bottle but she wanted to make it accessible for shoppers.

In addition to securing the listings, Rocos said Aqua Riva had been winning fans among fellow celebrities.

“Holly Willoughby is a big fan. We had a long lunch to celebrate Leigh Francis’s [the comedian who plays TV’s Keith Lemon] birthday and she was worried because she had to be up early to present This Morning, but I said, ‘You can drink this’.

“I love to party but I hate the hangover. Richard Branson is a massive fan, too. He’s put it on his airline and also asked for a case to take with him to Necker Island.”

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