TWE relaunches Blossom Hill as part of £2m campaign

Treasury Wine Estates is relaunching Blossom Hill as part of a £2m summer campaign, to include new packaging and the brand’s first appearance on TV for two years.

The ‘Share a Little Loveliness’ summer campaign marks the first activity unveiled by TWE for Blossom Hill since it was acquired from Diageo in December. The campaign – the largest for Blossom Hill in five years - will hit TV screens from 20 June, supported by digital posters, social media and in-store activity.

Caroline Thompson-Hill, head of marketing UK/Ireland, Western Europe and Blossom Hill at TWE, said: “We are delighted to make our first big announcement on the Blossom Hill brand in the UK since acquiring it in December. Blossom Hill is a consumer and customer favourite, so we are really excited to be able to support the brand as we come up to the all-important summer months with such an ambitious platform of investment.”

The new packaging, which will be seen across key SKUs from July, is designed to increase standout on shelf via new labels.

“Wine is a category which is under pressure from other alcohol categories so we need to stay on top of the game so people choose wine over other alcoholic drinks,” said Thompson-Hill. “One of the first things we wanted to do with the brand when it joined our portfolio was to address the packaging. We wanted to refresh what Blossom Hill was about and bring it to life in outlets.

“It is a sociable brand and we have tried to bring that to life in the packaging. We need to reinvigorate the passion people have for Blossom Hill with this campaign.”

Thompson-Hill also stressed the importance of fractionals or ‘minis’ for the Blossom Hill brand. “We are the number one supplier of minis in the UK. We see this as a big opportunity. They are holding up the market in terms of their growth. They are so relevant for shoppers and we will be continuing to do them and we will keep it as part of our focus.”

Dan Townsend, general manager for Europe at TWE, added: “We didn’t want to change things in a revolutionary manner. Part of our plans from day one was to refresh the packaging and we will look at other areas of the Blossom Hill business later.

“It would be fair to say we didn’t appreciate how loved the brand was until we got our hands on it. It has 300,000 Facebook followers. We are very impressed with how the brand had developed over the years.

Townsend also highlighted the importance of Blossom Hill against other brands in TWE’s portfolio. “We didn’t have a strong entry-level Californian wine offering before. It complements the existing range extremely well.

“It also means that our full wine portfolio can now offer wines priced from £5 to £400. We can now help shoppers to shop a broader range and we think this is an exciting place to be.”

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