Ka Tahi Wines gears up for UK launch

Ka Tahi Wines is set to introduce its wines to the UK market and multiple retailers sit at the top of its wish list for listings.

The family-run business took over the company, which is based at the Hawke’s Bay Wine Company in New Zealand, two years ago. The large modern winery is Hawke’s Bay’s largest, boasting nine million litres of production and storage capacity.

Ka Tahi has set about making Hawke’s Bay varietals under its label, as well as the renowned Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. It has focused on the growing sub-regions of Gimblett Gravels and Te Awanga, both of which have developed strong reputations as sub-regions of Hawke’s Bay.

Managing director Wayne Leadbetter, said the vision for Ka Tahi is to capitalise on the outstanding fruit it sources as well as the efficiency of the winery, to firmly establish Ka Tahi and its reserve brand Rangatira, as premium wines in their select global markets.

He told OLN: “We are ready to seek representation in the UK; it’s our target market. At the moment our wines are only available in New Zealand and a small bit goes into Japan. We are ideally looking for supermarkets because we are the largest winery in Hawke’s Bay and we make other wineries’ wines, so we have the ability to supply big volumes. We have already been doing well in New Zealand and I’ve only been doing this part-time so far, alongside my other job. I’m now ready to take this on full-time.

“We hope Sauvignon Blanc will do well and Chardonnay is the most famous wine style from Hawke’s Bay so we have high hopes for that as well. Our current vintage is a dry Chardonnay and it is coming back in fashion in New Zealand, so we expect it to do well here too. We also have a Reserve and a standard variant of our Syrah.”

Ka Tahi has a Sauvignon Blanc (Marlborough), Pinot Gris (Gisborne) and Chardonnay, each priced at £9; and it has a Pinot Noir (Hawke’s Bay), Syrah (Gimlett Gravels) and Merlot (Hawke’s Bay), each at £11. The producer also has a higher tier with its Rangatira range: a Malbec and a Syrah, each at £13. 

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