Stroud resurrects its peppercorn bitter

Stroud Brewery has re-released its peppercorn bitter, Teasel, as a limited seasonal ale and this time it appears in a bottle conditioned format.

The 4.2% abv Teasel has also had its recipe slightly tweaked with an increasing quantity of peppercorn added, taking it from a best bitter to a specialty beer as a peppercorn bitter.

The beer packs a “mighty punch” from the organic Motueka and Simcoe hops, alongside the aromatic black peppercorns.

Greg Pilley, owner and managing director of Stroud Brewery, said: “Teasel is a peppercorn bitter with a fruity malt flavour and dry black pepper on the finish. It is a great beer to pair with food – particularly alongside meaty name dishes or a roast lamb dinner. The name Teasel comes from the Stroud woolen industry where Teasels were used to raise the nap of the cloth.

“We want to be recognised as a leading organic brewery. Despite the highly competitive market of craft beers, steady, sustainable growth is our aim. By ensuring consistent quality, championing the independent retailers and maintaining a premium for our products is how we have achieved this so far. Also, we are increasing our bottle conditioned range, which is all part of the progress.”

The beer, which is rolling out this month, will only be available in spring.

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