Meantime claims market first with DNA-inspired beer

Meantime Brewing has claimed a market first by launching the first beer to be based on a brewmaster’s DNA.

Ciaran Giblin, Meantime’s brewmaster, has brewed a beer - Double Helix - dictated by his individual DNA taste preference. The recipe for the beer uses cutting-edge genetic profiling to map his propensity towards specific flavours.

Giblin had his DNA tested in November 2016 and it was then analysed by genetic testing company 23 and Me. The process looked particularly at the presence of TAS2R receptors in his genetics, which dictate an individual’s inclination towards bitter or sweet flavours. The test identified that Giblin is genetically programmed to enjoy bitter flavours, such as those found in coffee and Brussels sprouts.

The resulting Double Helix is a bitter and hoppy double IPA with balanced bitterness from a variety of different American hops. Drinkers can expect tropical fruit aromas, such as pineapple and mango on the nose, followed by all the full-bodied flavour you might expect from a 10% abv beer.

Giblin said: “If you want to make a beer you’re going to love, you have to really mean it and go the extra mile – in this case, determine your genetically determined taste preferences first! There are lots of people talking about the potential that genetic testing has on what we consumer but I thought the best way to test some of the theories was to get on and brew something.

“Double Helix was brewed to fit the specific taste preferences of one person – me.  However thanks to the investment in our Pilot Brewery and what it allows us to do in the name of innovation, it’s become a ‘successful experiment’ that others can enjoy as well.”

Meantime Double Helix will be available for a limited time only from various bars in the Greenwich area as well as in 33cl bottles from the Meantime Brewery shop. 

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