Camel Valley awarded ‘first growth’ PDO by EU

Camel Valley’s Darnibole vineyard has become the first UK single vineyard to be awarded the highest level of PDO status by the European Union.

The UK Government awarded national protection to Camel Valley’s Darnibole in 2012 and following five years of scrutiny by the 28 Member States, the EU unanimously agreed on the award. The area covers 28 acres of south-facing land in the Camel Valley, all part of Camel Valley’s vineyards.

Bob Lindo, owner, said: “It has taken five years and the agreement of 28 countries. We have had great support from Phil Munday (Defra) and MPs and MEPs and the support of MWs, such as Derek Smedley.”

The strict criteria involved: 100% Bacchus from Darnibole, no acidification or de-acidification, no sweetening, higher natural alcohol and hand-picking (for harvesting). The wine must be made at the adjoining Camel Valley winery and most importantly, it must be compared with previous vintages to ensure typicity.”

Separately, an application for PDO Sussex is pending with the EU. 

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