Butcombe's craft beer range celebrates 1978 classics

Butcombe Brewing Company is launching a range of sci-fi-inspired canned beers as it looks to extend out of its classic style into craft beer.

The ’78 range of beers, which have been inspired by the year the brewery was founded, are designed to give Butcombe a chance to showcase its craft brewing credentials.

Invader, named after the arcade game Space Invader, which was released in 1978, is cool fermented and conditioned cold for longer to make a strong, malty lager. The beer has a sweet, malt, biscuit character with a crisp, dry finish.

Forty Two is named after the book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which also made its debut in 1978. In the novel the answer to the ultimate, question of life, the universe and everything is the number 42.

The beer – described as a ‘very drinkable session ale’ - is packed full of Galaxy hops and it has roasted and caramel characters to balance out the hop flavours.

Geraint Williams, managing director, said: “We created our 1978 range in homage to the year of our birth. These new beers give us a chance to be creative and experiment with brewing outside of our classic range. Invader and Forty Two will allow us to access new markets and showcase our craft credentials.

“Our decision to create these craft beers has been driven by a consumer demand for fresh concepts in beer style as well as design. As drinkers move away from bland homogenised beer, towards craft brews, they are looking for beers which connect with their lives. We think Invader and Forty Two will be incredibly popular with sci-fi fans. We hope these beers will be as successful as the cultural classics which inspired them.”

The beers already have listings in 35 Asda stores across the South West.