71 Brewing extends portfolio with two new brews

Dundee’s 71 Brewing has expanded its portfolio with the addition of an India Pale Lager (IPL) and a Munich Dunkel, Ferrous Red.

The release of these new brews comes just six months after its flagship beer, 71 Lager, was launched.

The 4.4% abv IPL, which is described as “a seasonal mash-up of lager and ale”, was borne from a robust combination of Polish Lubiner, American Chinook hops and lager malts. The IPL has a twice-hopped aroma and the cold-fermented beer is also described as being refreshing and mellow.

Meanwhile, at 4.8% abv, Ferrous Red has a “cast-iron backbone of malt flavours”. It is amber red in colour with a hint of bitterness that settles just below its naturally smooth sweetness, according to the producer. The beer, which combines a blend of pale, Munich, toasted and crystal malts with Noble and American Mount Hood hops; has also been cold-fermented.

Duncan Alexander, co-founder and head brewer, said: “From a standing start we have gained more than 60 accounts for 71 Lager, far exceeding the targets we set ourselves at the beginning of this venture. We have trialled these brews as limited editions at various beer conventions over the summer and the feedback was so phenomenal that we decided to make them a part of our permanent portfolio.

“Our inspiration from the start has been the great lager brewing traditions of central and eastern Europe and our aim is to explore and celebrate these classic beers in an innovative way.”

The new beers are available in 33cl bottles priced at £2.10. 

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