Survey shows consumer thirst for beer ingredient information

Research conducted for the generic marketing group There’s A Beer For That has shown that consumers are more interested in knowing about the ingredients are used in beer than they are what goes into other drinks or food.  

A survey carried out by One Poll for There’s a Beer For That revealed that natural ingredients in food and drink are important to two-thirds of Britons, but more than 88% said they were significant when choosing a beer. 

The survey tested consumers’ understanding of the ingredients and “goodness” properties of beer as part of the campaign’s strategy to increase the nation’s love of beer by inspiring and educating drinkers. 

There’s A Beer For That programme director David Cunningham said: “This suggests that consumers are more discerning about their choice of beer than other food and drink and want to know more about the provenance and quality credentials of Britain’s national alcoholic drink.”

The data also highlighted the need for the trade to improve consumer education about beer with 58% of respondents saying they were interested in knowing more about how the food and drink they consume is made and sourced.  

While 44% thought they knew what the main ingredients of beer are, only 22% recognised the main constituents as water, barley, hops and yeast.

“In an environment where consumers are increasingly interested in how their food and drink is made, and with 57% confirming that they always look at ingredients on food and drink products, it is in every brewers’ interest to continue the culture of sharing their passion and talking about the ingredients they use,” added Cunningham.

Additional findings showed that understanding of beer styles and tastes remains a mystery to many drinkers, with only 10% of the survey respondents being able to name more than six styles of beer. Eighteen per cent said that all beer tastes the same. This rose to 33% among 25- to 34-year-olds.