Carlsberg brews up Liverpool FC beer with red hops and roar of the Anfield crowd

Carlsberg claims to have used red hops to create the a “fan beer” to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its sponsorship of Liverpool FC.

Carlsberg said scientists at its research laboratory in Copenhagen cultivated the special red hop plants by exposing them to footage of 25 years of Liverpool FC matches and the sound of roaring fans after installing a powerful sound system and 360˚ video screen in the brewery greenhouse.

Senior scientist Pai Rosager Pedas said: “Research has shown that hop plants grow better when exposed to sound vibrations, which will result in more photosynthesis and more biomass.

“We decided to use this to brew probably the best fan beer in the world to commemorate Carlsberg and Liverpool FC’s joint 25-year history.

“Over the years, Carlsberg Research Laboratory has delivered ground-breaking research results and revolutionised modern brewing, but we’ve never brewed a beer based on hops grown on sound and sights from football games.”

Liverpool FC grounds manager David Roberts said: “The thought that hops might be influenced by the sights and sounds of 25 years of matches is revolutionary. We take great care of the hallowed turf of Anfield and if this concept is anything to go by, I hope it also reaps the benefits of our incredible chorus of supporters too.”

In addition to video and sound, the cultivation process also included visits from Liverpool FC manager Jürgen Klopp, and former players Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman.

“Seeing the incredible amount of science that went into this project was staggering, I’ve never seen anything like the thinking that went into creating this beer and I can’t wait to taste it,” said Fowler.

Carlsberg Liverpool FC Beer will be sampled at Anfield during Liverpool FC’s home match against Huddersfield Town on October 28.