Jagermeister ramps up Halloween activity

Jagermeister has unveiled a digital campaign to celebrate Halloween.

The herbal liqueur’s campaign stars Primal Scream’s bassist and Soho Radio producer, Simone Marie Butler.

The ‘Things Aren’t Always As They Seem’ campaign features eerie animations, videos and soundtracks that is designed to immerse consumers in a world of hidden layers and secret messages. The campaign is designed to reflect the “dark and mysterious” nature of the iconic German liqueur.

The producer has also launched 10,000 bespoke Halloween 2cl miniatures featuring four mythical characters, ‘The Cursed Four’, from the ‘Things Aren’t Always As They Seem’ videos.

Jagermeister’s rate of sale is reported to increase by 34% during the Halloween period.

Mast-Jagermeister UK’s marketing director, Nicole Goodwin, said: Halloween is now a crucial date in the social calendars of our target audience and Jagermeister is the brand the consumers want to see, hence why it is a top selling spirit. For 2017 we have moved beyond zombies to a campaign that’s intriguing, mind-bending, suggestive and distinctly German with an edge. The campaign’s layered messages go further to deepen consumer connections, allowing us to communicate the perfect serve – enjoying Jagermeister ice cole at -18 degrees Celcius – in a slick way. We are focusing on digital because that’s where our consumers are engaging with content, but our PoS kits are bigger and cooler than ever and we are working collaboratively with customers in-venue and across their social channels to maximise awareness for all parties.”

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