Buckingham Schenk taps into demand for Malbec

08 January, 2018

Buckingham Schenk is launching Latis, a new brand from Cahors in France.

The newcomer, which is another joint venture with winemakers Hervé and Diane Joyaux Fabre, has been created in response to the growing trend for Malbec and especially wines from Cahors.

Exports of Cahors to the UK have grown by 16% in the last three years, according to the latest statistics from French Customs.

Latis is designed to be a modern interpretation of the style of wine from Cahors, and also to demonstrate how approachable Malbec from this region can be.

Hervé Joyaux is originally from France but he spent the last 36 years in Argentina producing Malbec, and has had success with wines such as Viñalba.

Craig Durham, managing director at Buckingham Schenk, said: “This is an incredibly exciting venture for us and our second with Hervé and Diane Joyaux Fabre, the first being Viñalba, which has been a fantastic success. We believe that with Hervé’s outstanding talent as a winemaker Latis has the potential to once again put Malbec and Cahors on the map. The wines are incredible and we are confident that they will be well received by our customers.”

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