Paul Schaafsma leaves Broadland Wineries

Paul Schaafsma is leaving Broadland Wineries after four months as chief executive to start up his own business.

The former Accolade Wines chief executive took the reins at Broadland in September 2017 and laid down ambitious plans to grow the company.

He is now leaving and chairman Mark Lansley will resume the chief executive role.

Lansley said: “We have enjoyed working with Paul during his four months at Broadland and we would like to thank him for his contribution.

“As he departs, it is important to say that Broadland’s strategy remains the same. We will continue our commitment to building our full portfolio of award-winning new and old world brands, to go alongside our BRC Grade AA+ private label offering.

“Accordingly, we will be adding a number of blue-chip brand builders to our team during the next few months.”