Rock Rose gets a pink grapefruit Old Tom Gin

Dunnet Bay Distillers has added the pink grapefruit-flavoured Old Tom Gin to its Rock Rose collection, inspired by its sell-out citrus-based Artists’ Edition. 

The gin has been created using grapefruit peel, all hand-picked by the distillery team, which is added to the botanical basket before being vapour-infused with all Rock Rose Gin’s traditional botanicals. It is then lightly-sweetened with muscavdao sugar. 

Old Tom Gin is described as “the missing link” between the heavy Dutch Genever style and the more modern London Dry Gins, and was once available in most bars in the country. This historic gin style is now being distilled for the modern palate, to create a sweeter and lighter gin for those less attracted to the more juniper-based dry gins. 

Martin Murray, Co-Founder, said: “This extra special edition of Rock Rose Gin derives from our popular ‘Design a Rock Rose Gin Label’ competition of 2016, which became the wonderful citrus-based Artists’ Edition.  As a very limited batch, it sold out very quickly and we were soon inundated with requests to recreate the fabulous gin.

"We’ve believe we’ve improved it even further and created the most refreshing gin in our portfolio.  We hope our signature bottle, now in hues of pink, will also make it appeal to the gifting market.”

The newcomer will be available from January 31, priced at £34 for 70cl.