Famille Oksen brings infused rums to UK market

Famille Oksen is bringing its range of ‘artisan craft spiced rum’ to the UK market.

The family-run producer has prepared infused rums using a traditional method since 1973 in Cap Ferret, near Bordeaux in France.

In 2009 Franck Oksen created his own range, with the aim of launching these into the wider market.

He said: “The three different flavours in the range all use natural ingredients and they have done well in taste competitions. They are attracting a lot of interest and I am now ready to launch these into the UK market.”

The drinks use agricultural rum from Martinique, blended with a range of spices, berries and fruits and using a natural and slow maceration process.

The first in the range is made with entire cinnamon sticks, macerated for a length of time to ensure the spice and woody flavours are present in the drink. The second uses bananas from Ecuador, while the third uses vanilla beans.

Famille Oksen has raised E100,000 via crowdfunding platform Seedrs and it is currently seeking an importer and distributor in the UK. Oksen is also exploring other European markets.

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