Skinny Prosecco creator adds organic, vegan, NA variant

The creator of Skinny Prosecco is launching an organic, vegan alcohol-free sparkling wine, which is being pitched as a first for the UK.

Thomson & Scott (the creators of Skinny Prosecco), is launching Noughty, which is said to have almost half the sugar content of traditional alcohol-free sparkling wines.

Noughty, which will launch at the end of this month, is produced from 100% organic Chardonnay grapes. It is dealcoholised using a patented method.

Amanda Thomson, co-founder of Thompson & Scott, said: “There is a huge amount of evidence to show that consumers are drinking less alcohol and looking for top quality alternatives in beer and spirits. Sales of non-alcoholic drinks are exploding and the global non-alcoholic market is anticipated to reach an estimated $1.6 trillion by 2025, with millennials and Gen Z’ers drinking less than older generations, in part because they live their lives online and want to retain control of their image and social standing.

“However, no-one was tackling the alcohol-free wine sector to cater to the next generation of wine drinkers who don’t want to consume alcohol. We are therefore excited to be the first to produce a delicious, luxe, alcohol-free sparkling wine that is also 100% organic and vegan certified.”

Thomson & Scott originally launched Skinny Champagne and Skinny Prosecco into the UK market, with bottles selling out within the first few weeks of trading. The producer has also recently added a sparkling rose frizzante in recyclable cans to its global drinks portfolio.

The newcomer will launch at London Food Tech Week on May 21. It will be available to the on and off-trades and it has secured early listings with Planet Organic, Holland & Barrett, Amazon and Harvey Nichols.

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