Broadland Wineries explores new opportunities in wine with latest NPD

Broadland Wineries is developing a number of its brands to extend into untapped opportunities in wine.

Research from the producer’s insights team has identified gaps in the market for wine that taps into the demand for alcohol-free and lower alcohol drinks, as well as options for on-the-go occasions.

As a result of this it is extending its Three Mills range with an alcohol-free option and also a two-strong Botanicals collection. The new Botanicals range will be available in both sharing 1.5L pouch and bottle formats and the initial two flavours will be Rose, Strawberry & Elderflower and Juniper, Cucumber & Lime. The drinks are 11% abv but one of the recommended serves is with a mixer as a long drink. 

Liz Cobbold, marketing director, said: “The pouches are now available in Asda. They can be drunk in three ways: as a long drink with soda, a mixer with gin, or like a wine. The flavours have been chosen to offer a fun summer drink, which we think will really bring customers into the category.

“This is a fermented drink and the legal definition is that it is a British-made wine. We are extending the Three Mills range with a no alcohol option and this Botanicals range. We have a really big following for Three Mills so we will continue to add innovation there.”

Broadland is also adding a canned format to its popular MiniVino range, which until now has been packaged in 18.7cl PET cups. The brand, which was originally designed to offer a convenience format as a single serve wine (Chardonnay, Merlot and Rose) to suit occasions such as outdoor events, has now been extended with a Sparkling Rose in a 20cl can.

Cobbold said: “MiniVino is doing really well at the moment as a still wine and the cup format works really well. Sainsbury’s have stocked the white and red wines for a while and they will be taking the rose soon.

“MiniVino is for on-the-go occasions and plastic is not always suitable and glass is really suitable for taking out with you. So this can add another string to the bow. When we talk to stockists they say MiniVino enables them to extend more into wine with new occasions, perhaps ones where people might normally select a beer or another drink to have on the go.”

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