Lanchester Wines adds high-altitude Malbec to its portfolio

Lanchester Wines is has expanded its range of boutique bulk wines with a high altitude single vineyard Malbec.

High Side is made from grapes grown at 1,650 metres above sea level in an area bordering the Cordillera of Los Andes Mountains in Argentina in a region known as Calingasta.

Due to high levels of sun exposure, the area’s thermal amplitude and its high altitude, the grapes are developed with a high concentration of aromas, creating “exuberant wines with big body”.

The wine is described as being soft and velvety with an intense hit of ripe blackberries and “dark plum on the tongue”, along with notes of dark chocolate and black pepper.

The Calingasta region, where the grapes are grown, is characterised by having one of the cleanest skies in the world, according to Lanchester. The water to irrigate the vines comes exclusively from the completely pure snow thaw of the Andes Mountains. The area’s sandy textured soils with different levels of gravel are of “excellent permeability”, low salinity and fertility.

High Side is available to the trade exclusively through Lanchester Wines.