McGuigan Wines renews deal with UKTV's Drama channel

McGuigan Wines has renewed its TV sponsorship with Timeless Entertainment on UKTVs Drama for a second year.

The renewed 12-month sponsorship deal, worth over £2 million, will continue to cover the Timeless Entertainment programming on UKTV’s Drama channel. Led by “an exciting new and disruptive creative” developed by agency 20something, the campaign will illustrate there are “No Drama’s, when you bring a McGuigan”.

The idents themselves play on the tropes of classic British Drama TV shows found on the channel, across a variety of sub-genres – thriller, disaster, espionage, scandal, law and crime, only to later reveal themselves as innocuous and drama-free scenarios, featuring people innocently enjoying a delicious glass of McGuigan, whether that’s with a Friday night take-away, cosied up on the sofa or socialising with friends over a long lunch.

Julian Dyer, chief operating officer for UK & Europe, said: “The renewal of the sponsorship is incredibly exciting for McGuigan. Last year’s sponsorship was a great success, with shifts in key brand metric such as brand awareness and consideration. We have taken learnings from last year’s creative and have developed an amazing disruptive new creative positioned around ‘No Drama’s, when you bring a Mcguigan’, we can’t wait to see it live.

“The creative was developed by 20something, who have been a great partner bringing the brief to life. The team at 20something from the start aligned themselves closely with the brand and worked collaboratively with us through the entire process resulting in an outstanding final product which is aligned to our consumer and the sponsorship platform. We are hugely confident that we will see even greater brand metrics shifts and growth versus last year, to say we are excited is an understatement!

Elliott Starr, Senior Copywriter at 20something said: “The wine aisle in the supermarket can be a daunting place for many people. A rushed decision on the way to a party where you might be hoping to impress can often result in paying over-the-odds for a prestigious-looking label with some fancy swirls on it. Or, worse, showing up with something deemed to be inferior. There’s a real fear about ‘getting it wrong’, it’s all a bit dramatic. If you buy a McGuigan, you know you’re getting something legitimate – all that drama disappears, hence, ‘no dramas, bring a McGuigan’.”

The sponsorship, which is now live, is expected to reach a total of over 20 million people across the country UK & Ireland. It will also be supported with a multi-channel campaign from TV and social, through to the point of purchase in store.