SIBA announces award winners

Two breweries are celebrating after winning awards for their label designs sponsored by Off Licence News.

Freedom Brewery in Abbotts Bromley, Staffordshire, was awarded the prize for Best Range of Bottle Labels at the SIBA design awards, part of SIBA’s business awards, while Derby Brewery, in Derby, was awarded the prize for Best Individual Bottle Label.

SIBA chief executive Julian Grocock said: “Freedom’s bottle labels were previous winners in the Business Awards and this year’s prize recognised a successful redesign. The labels replaced slightly confusing flavour information with the recognisable, concise Cyclops descriptors, and moved from front and back to wraparound format.

“The winning label for Derby Brewery’s Old Intentional brand stood out at judging – in the same way that it must stand out on the retail shelf. The traditional three-label format, combined with contemporary design, attracts the beer browser to take a closer look at the clear and complete information on the bottle.” 

The overall winner of the SIBA business awards was Nottingham’s Castle Rock Brewery, which also won the prize for best marketing.

Grocock said: “Castle Rock impressed the judges firstly with their marketing, in particular the phenomenal media interest they generated for their Kiss Me Kate Royal Wedding ale earlier this year, but it is their sheer professionalism, and their business drive, that won the day for them. Far from sitting on their laurels after winning Champion Beer of Britain in 2010, Castle Rock have continued to evolve their range of core and seasonal beers, opened a bigger brewery and developed their pub estate.  They are worthy winners of this year’s Overall Business Award.”

He added: “With talented and dedicated individuals like these at the forefront of local brewing, we should be optimistic about the prospects for the sector, which is continuing to show growth well ahead of the total UK beer market.”

The business awards are open to entries from more than 500 SIBA members and also include awards for best customer support, best e-business and best community support.

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