Brancott Estate releases three new wines

Pernod Ricard will release three new wines under New Zealand brand Brancott Estate this summer in a bid to show the diversity the Marlborough region can offer.

The Brancott Estate Terroir Series features a Sauvignon Blanc and a Pinot Noir made from vineyards in the Awatere Valley.

It is the more southern of Marlborough’s sub-regions and is said to produce wines with “lifted aromatics and intense fruit flavours”.

These wines command a higher price point than the core range, with the Sauvignon Blanc 2013 retailing at £12.49 and the Pinot Noir 2013 selling for £14.49.

Winemaker Jamie Marfell said the 2013 vintage was “stunning” across the region.

He added: “The Sauvignon Blanc was in pristine condition. It was probably one of the best I have seen in my 24 years.

“We had average heat and rainfall but everything lined up nicely – a warm spring, rain over Christmas and New Year to freshen up the vines, just a lovely year.”

It is also releasing a Sauvignon Gris 2013, which will be priced in line with the core Brancott Estate range at £10.49.

It has 140ha planted with the grape and it sees huge potential for this varietal after taking inspiration from Chilean winemakers.

Marfell said: “Sauvignon Gris is a varietal we believe is going to have legs going forward. Brancott Estate is really keen to see how this does.

“People have drunk a lot of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and want something different. Somebody who wants something rounder and richer will like this. It’s like Chardonnay and people love Chardonnay.

“The consumer just wants something a little different.”

He added that he is not aware of anybody else that has New Zealand Sauvignon Gris.

Marfell and his team have experimented with the grape since 2004 but only released small batches in the domestic market to test the water.

Brancott Estate is now releasing it over here after the Sauvignon Gris received positive feedback at home.

Marfell said the UK was chosen to trial the new varietal because it is ripe for innovation.

“It’s an established market – people know what New Zealand does, they know our brands and they expect innovation,” he said.

“This is our 40th anniversary making wines and we have always moved quickly and pioneered different things in the UK.”

All three wines will be released this summer. Pernod Ricard said it is currently in discussions with retailers and is hopeful of gaining listings wherever Brancott Estate is already sold and beyond.

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