Essential Guide to Beer

The Essential Guide to Beers highlight the wide range of brewers and brews available to the UK retailer, traditional UK styles to artisan and speciality styles from across the world and the innovation that is making the beer ranges evermore exciting. The guide will have an overview of the market, retailers' views plus tips and advice on how to make the most of sales.


When I was young, you drank either bitter or lager, and always in pints. There was little choice; any other beer style was what they had in other countries, as were the weird glasses they drank from.

Thankfully, that has all changed and the UK has become one of the most vibrant beer markets on the planet, with record numbers of brewers pushing the boundaries of what a beer can be.

Aroma, flavour and great packaging are watchwords in the modern beer world, but above all it’s about variety. Lager and bitter have been joined by IPAs, American IPAs, double IPAs, quads, saisons, sours, fruit beers, coff ee stouts, milk stouts, imperial stouts, brown ales, red ales, wheat beers, bocks, goses, kolschs, barrel-aged beers, rye beers and many more — with twists on each taking the numbers way out there.

The aim of this supplement is to help drinks retailers big or small, specialist or generalist, to make sense of what’s going on in a fast-moving market.

We look at the heavy issues of the day like the big mergers and supermarket rationalisations with retail expert Glynn Davis, while author Jeff Evans takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the beer world’s current coolest countries.

There are tips to sell more beer, the top trends to be on message with in 2016, a look at the UK’s punk beer revolution, the thoughts of the hottest brewer in Britain and the beers that the experts would choose to drink above all others.

We hope you fi nd it interesting, informative and above all, like exploring that wonderful world of beers we all now have access to, fun.


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