Goral Vodka poised for its UK debut

Karla & Co Spirits, together with Gas Familia Distillery, are introducing the first Slovakian vodka on the UK market.

Goral Vodka Master combines selected durum wheat varieties that undergo seven-column distillation. It is then softened by water from Tatra Springs (from Slovakia’s Tatra mountains).

The vodka is described as being easy-to-drink, which is clean and light on the nose with mineral aromas mixed with subtle notes of mild pepper and caramel. It has a creamy taste with notes of sugar candy, followed by hints of spice and citrus.

The name ‘Goral’ refers to a person traditionally living in harsh conditions of the highest peaks of the Tatra Mountains “who excels in physical strength as well as spiritual purity”.

The vodka, which is made at Gas Familia Distillery, has been created by master distiller Jan Krak. He said: “I have strived to perfect the distilling process to produce smooth, clean and timeless tasting vodka.”

The family-owned Gas Familia Distillery is the second largest producer of alcoholic beverages in Slovakia and it exports to more than 25 countries worldwide.

The 40% abv Goral Vodka Master will be available from April 2016 priced at £30 for a 700ml bottle. 

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