AB InBev brings Bud Light to UK drinkers

Bud Light, which producer AB InBev says is America’s favourite beer, officially lands in the UK this weekend.

The UK launch aims to appeal to a new generation of consumers, including younger beer drinkers with “evolving alcohol preferences”, as well as growing demand from beer fans who have been wanting the brand to become available in the UK.

Bud Light, which has just 27 calories per 100ml, has been brewed to 3.5% abv for the UK using the Beechwood Aging process. It is a premium light lager, which is described as delivering a fresh, clean and subtle hop aroma, delicate malt sweetness and a crisp finish. It will be available for the off-trade from the end of February in 44cl cans in-store and 50cl cans for wholesalers, using the same packaging design and branding as the American version.

The launch will be supported by a multi-million pound marketing campaign, to include TV advertising, outdoor adverts plus print and digital spend.

Senior brand manager, Andre Finamore, told OLN: “Bud Light is an extremely successful brand in the US and we know that there are UK consumers looking for something like Bud Light. It taps into trends for low calorie, low alcohol and light tasting beers. There is a huge amount of awareness for this brand before it came to the UK, which is unique for a new launch. We have had a lot of people asking for it via social media, and we know these people think it is cool, contemporary and a high quality brand. It is a good way for people to discover beer and we see it as rejuvenating the category as it will bring new drinkers into the market. We are confident it will attract new and younger drinkers as well as female drinkers as well.”

Finamore noted that the brand already had listings with some of the big multiple grocery retailers and he added that the convenience market is also important for this brand. “We are launching it across all channels. We see convenience as a growing segment so there is definitely a big opportunity there for the brand in this category.”

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