Majestic Wine own-label range gets consumer seal of approval

Majestic ran a blind tasting exercise with 1,100 shoppers and found that 66% preferred its new Majestic Loves range to supermarket wines of a similar price.

It is Majestic’s first-ever entry-level own-label range, which possibly helps break the record for the most hyphens OLN has used in one sentence.

Majestic buyers chose the five-strong range from 500 samples from across the world, and all will sell for £5.99.

To get a shopper seal of approval Majestic toured the UK and ran blind tasting events in six areas: the southwest, Hertfordshire, London, Sussex, Yorkshire and the Midlands.

The poured the five wines – Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Spanish red and Montepulicano – alongside an equivalent supermarket own-label product.

In its report it said the only times a supermarket wine won over Majestic Loves was in the Midlands, where consumers preferred the supermarket Merlot, and in the southwest, where the Merlot narrowly lost out again.

Majestic said its Merlot earned 51% of the overall vote, while the Sauvignon Blanc scored 64%, the Spanish red got 65%, the Montepulciano took 71% and the Pinot Grigio, sourced in Romania, took 75% of the vote.

Majestic Loves launches this month in Majestic, with a series of labels created by French artist Jean Jullien. The plan is to extend the range from five to 10 in June.

Managing director John Colley said: “The UK public has spoken, so don’t just take our word for it. We set out to create the best possible range at this price point and we’ve created something completely unique.

“Our buyers tasted over 500 samples to create something special that won’t blow your budget, and it’s fantastic to see so many people agree.” 

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