Compton Cowboys feature in latest instalment of Guinness TV campaign

A new Guinness TV ad airs for the first time today.

The commercial features the real-life Compton Cowboys, a group of people from the LA district of Compton that is more associated with gangs and violence, who rescue horses threatened with slaughter and give them a new life.

It is the latest instalment in the Diageo stout brand’s Made of More series of ads which portrays “real people who have shown unexpected character to enrich the world around them”.

When Compton City was founded in 1888, a portion of the land was reserved for agricultural use and Richlands Farm, where the Compton Cowboys operate, is a legacy of that time.

Guinness marketing director Duncan Elliott said: “We are proud to celebrate the Compton Cowboys in our new campaign, a group of people who have made a bold and unexpected choice to live a different life.

“Through their love and devotion to their horses and each other, they are a source of inspiration and a cause for hope within their local community.”  

The ad will appear on TV and major social media platforms.