Boutinot adds Hungarian wine producers to its portfolio

Boutinot is adding the first Hungarian wines to its portfolio; the wine company has a selection of “quality and characterful” wines from two Hungarian producers, which it can now offer to independent retailers.

The first producer to join the portfolio is the Tokaji-based Furmint specialist, Kardos Estate, a family-based company that has been involved in wine production for over two hundred years. The winery was modernised by Gabor Kardo Junior, who came on board full-time in 2008. Grapes from from vineyards, including many Grand and Premier Cru sites, in Mád and the neighbouring villages of Rátka and Bodrogkeresztur.

Boutinot producer manager, Alex Gittins, said: “This is a small, family project which is steeped in history and has made a commitment to dry, textural, single vineyard wines. They firmly focus on Furmint and they do it well. They also make the amazing Tokaji Aszu in exceptional vintages.”

Wines from this producer include Kardos Supreme Furmint 2015 (rsp: £15.99), Kardos Padihegy Furmint 2015 (rsp: £25.99) and Kardos Tokaji Forditas 2013 (rsp: 30.99).

Boutinot has also taken on the sustainably farmed Kovacs Nimrod Winery from Eger, which was set up by owner Nimrod Kovacs in 1995. The producer focuses on Grand and Premier Cru classified vineyards and it follows a sustainable and biodynamic farming philosophy. Eger, which is one of the country’s most premium wine regions, is said to have a similar climate to Burgundy. These vineyards are planted with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, along with Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet, Furmint and Kékfrankos.

Gittins adds: “It was their Kékfrankos that caught my attention at a tasting a few months ago, and then I was hugely impressed by the other wines too. Their story is one of a young Hungarian man who went out to make his name in the USA business world, discovered a love for wine along with way, then returned home to make his own. Production is small and the wines all showcase the quality of this region.”

The wines listed include: Kovacs Nimrod Egri Csillag 2016 (rsp: £9.99), Kovacs Nimrod Monopole Blues Kékfrankos 2014 (rsp: £15.99) and Kovacs Nimrod Monopole 777 Pinot Noir 2013 (rsp: 26.99). 

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