Sir Ian Botham to launch wine range with Broadland

Former England cricket captain Sir Ian Botham is launching a range of wines in partnership with Broadland Wineries.

The range will include three tiers – Beefy, The Botham Series and Sir Ian Botham – that range from entry level to £20.

The wines will be sourced from Botham’s favourite producers in the countries he toured during his career, so that means Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and of course England, which will be represented by a sparkler.

Broadland’s new chief executive Paul Schaafsma worked with Botham during his time at Accolade, as Beefy did some ambassadorial work for the firm.

He told DRN: “What’s interesting about Sir Ian is that he’s a wine aficionado. He has spent the last four years travelling the world and he has incredible knowledge of all the different regions and he has relationships with the buyers and winemakers etc, so he is very keen to launch.

“He will be launching his brand at the London wine trade fair. As a draw card, people walking into the show, being able to meet Sir Ian and taste his wines might be a little bit exciting.

“It’s going to be from countries where Sir Ian played – Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. There’s not much wine in India, but certainly those three countries to begin with.

“There will be a Sir Ian range at the top, very premium, which he will partner with producers he particularly likes. Having a brand and an ambassador who is on the TV every summer and commentating and all sorts of things is a really strong offer. Sir Ian transcends generations. As a brand it makes a lot of sense.”

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