Ardnahoe set to be Islay's ninth distillery

Ardnahoe is set to be the ninth distillery on the Isle of Islay when it opens in May this year.

The distillery, which will have a production capacity of just 500,000 litres of alcohol per year, will distill a classic peated style of Islay malt, using water from the depths of Loch Ardnahoe itself.

The producer will also used wooden washbacks, Scottish-made stills, traditional worm-tub condensers and “the knowledge of one of the whisky industry’s most experienced master distillers” to create what it describes as “one of the most enchanting spirits to come out of the renowned Whisky Isle”.

Earlier this year the company announced Jim McEwan, the former master distiller of Bruichladdich, had come out of retirement to help establish the new distillery on Islay. McEwan left Bruichladdich in July 2015 after 15 years and he now joins Ardnahoe as production director. Prior to his role at Bruichladdich McEwan spent 38 years at Islay’s Bowmore distillery.

Ardnahoe Distillery, which has been built by family-run independent whisky bottler, Hunter Laing & Co, is situated on Islay’s north-east coast, halfway between Bunnahabhain and Caol Isla distilleries, and it boasts views of the Sound of Islay and Paps of Jura. 

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