The Five Points Brewing Co launches crowdfunding campaign

The Five Points Brewing Co is launching its first round of crowdfunded investment this month in order to meet growing demand for its beers and accelerate growth.

The crowdfunding campaign will be live on the Crowdcube platform from March 9, with a target to raise £750,000 of investment. The capital will be used to open the first Five Points Taproom as well as investing in new Brewhouse equipment and fermentation tanks, which will triple capacity volume, and which they hope will allow them to meet ambitious plans to increase sales from two million to six million pints a year (34,000 hectolitres). A new research and development brew-kit at the iconic Pembury Tavern will be used to develop new recipes and research innovative brewing processes.

The Five Points Brewing Co was founded by two local Hackney residents. The brewery was one of the first in the UK to be an accredited Living Wage employer and it also sources energy from 100% renewable sources. It also helped set up an apprenticeship scheme for young, aspiring brewers at Hackney Community College.

Co-founder and managing director, Ed Mason, said: “We founded The Five Points in the heart of East London with a commitment to the community, and the prospect of inviting the community to join us on our journey is really exciting. What we love about crowdfunding is the ability to welcome on board hundreds, maybe thousands of passionate beer lovers who will be literally invested in the success of our company.”

The decision to invest comes as the brewery is struggling to keep up with high demand, according to Mason. The brewery reached capacity in late 2016 and have since been brewing some of its beer with an independent family-owned brewery in Belgium. This investment will enable it to treble production capacity in Hackney and bring back all brewing production to London.

Mason added: “Investing in the company now will give us the resources to really take Five Points to the next level. We opened our brewery in the heart of Hackney with a simple ethos; to brew modern, flavourful, accessible beers with integrity, and we are delighted that our beers have become a staple of taps and shelves across London. We believe that we have the potential to not just cement our position as one of London’s favourite brands, but to become a truly national brand.

“Crucially as we grow the business into a truly national craft beer company, we will continue to give back to and support the community. We will remain a proud London Living Wage payer, continue to invest in our apprenticeship scheme for trainee brewers, and support local charity and arts projects.”

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