Stroud Brewery to team up with organic beer producers at London festival

Stroud Brewery has teamed up with other organic producers to host GO! Organic Beer Festival, which will take place in September.

The event will be held in Battersea Park, London on September 8 and 9, as part of the first ever GO! Organic Festival.

It will feature more than 40 organic beers from UK organic breweries, with beers ranging from IPAs to malty rich stouts. The event is designed to showcase the number of quality organic beers in cask, keg, bottles and cans available in the UK.

Stroud Brewery’s founder and md, Greg Pilley, said: “Since founding the brewery in 2006 my vision has always been to brew delicious beer with integrity – a thriving enterprise that would support the community, the environment and other local businesses.

"A strong motto of the company is to brew and drink delicious organic beers and bring people together, so this opportunity to host GO! Organic’s Beer Festival was not one to miss. We are excited to work with all the other organic breweries taking part and show festival visitors what organic really means.”

Ruth Ayahudin, GO! Organic Festival’s marketing manager, said: “At its heart, GO! Organic Festival is about people coming together to have fun and share their love of all things organic. It is about seeing, sampling, tasting, experiencing and discovering what’s out there and what’s new. Organic is not a niche market any longer – it is not just the preserve of a certain type of consumer – it’s for everyone.

“The different between this and so many other events is not just the high quality of the eclectic programme but also the fact that we are celebrating and promoting something, which is really important to so many of us. We have some amazing supporters and, as we want the event to be a great day out, which is accessible to everyone, we have priced it very competitively.”

During the weekend there will also be the opportunity for consumers to attend Stroud Brewery tasting sessions.

Tickets for the festival are on sale at

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