St-Remy reveals first edition of its Cask Finish Collection

St-Remy is releasing the first expression of its Cask Finish Collection.

The French Chardonnay Cask edition has limited availability, with only 9,360 bottles available worldwide. Each of the expressions in the Cask Finish Collection will be bottled in a very limited batch and each one is designed to express master distiller Cecile Roudaut’s unique exploration of different casks.

For the release of the French Chardonnay Cask Roudaut proceeded with the method of finishing, which means ageing the brandy in a cask different to its original one. In this case she chose typically small French oak barrels followed by casks f=crafted in Burgundy used to age French Chardonnay wines, resulting in a lively, fresh brandy with fruity notes of citrus, vanilla and brioche aromas, according to the producer.

Roudaut explained: “My aim for the French Chardonnay Cask was to replicate all the subtlety, freshness and liveliness of Chardonnay wines. I was convinced that the final result would be a sensational mix of sumptuous aromas and flavours, that can be best enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

The newcomer is dark golden yellow in appearance, with amber tints. On the palate it is described as being rich, fruity and harmonious, with a fine balance, silky and full-bodied structure that provides “persistence and roundness” to the product, whose toasted notes are enhanced by barrel ageing.

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