Asda and Drinkaware will team up to educate thousands of shoppers

Drinkaware ambassadors will go into 100 Asda stores across the UK this month to educate shoppers about the pitfalls of drinking to excess.

The charity first teamed up with Asda in 2016 for a pilot scheme, and last year’s in-store education drive reached 7,000 shoppers and attracted support from a number of MPs.

This year the Drinkaware ambassadors will be giving out printed literature and encouraging customers to record their drinking levels.

The scheme will run on January 11 and January 18. In 50 stores, shoppers will be given a scratchcard, while in the other 50 ambassadors will help them to fill in the online Drinkaware DrinkCompare Calculator, which will analyse their current drinking and compare it to others in the same age group.

Drinkaware has also trained Asda community champions, as a way of taking the messages about drinking in moderation out to the wider community through their work with local groups.

Rommel Moseley, Drinkaware director of business development and partnerships, said: “Working together with Asda for the past three years has enabled Drinkaware to get out into their stores across the country and work with people face-to-face. 

“The advice and information that Drinkaware provides is invaluable to the many people looking to make changes to their own or a family member’s drinking habits in January, and we know that the Drinkaware ambassadors in Asda will help many customers to make positive changes and reduce their risk of alcohol harm.”

Chris Lowe, senior director for corporate affairs at Asda, added: “We are pleased to be working with Drinkaware again this year, as part of our role as a responsible retailer, helping them to engage directly with our customers.”

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