Seedlip Drinks introduces "world's first bottled NOgroni"

Seedlip Drinks has announced the launch of “the world’s first bottled NOgroni”.

The drink, which is a non-alcoholic twist on the classic Negroni, had its debut at The World’s Best Bar Awards in London 2017, and has been a popular non-alcoholic listing in bars around the world every since.

Now Seedlip is bringing the NOgroni into a bottled concept, launching exclusively with London’s Selfridges this month.

The NOgroni is a “bold and bittersweet contemporary take” on the classic cocktail, made with a mix of: Seedlip Spice 94, Aecorn Bitter and Aecorn Aromatic.

Aecorn is the alcohol-free sister brand to Seedlip and the three-strong range was launched into Waitrose earlier this year.

Managing director, Claire Warner, spoke to DRN after the launch. She said: “We recently launched it [the Aecorn range] into the on-trade and these bartenders automatically know how to use Aecorn. They responded very positively to it to create non-alcoholic drinks.

“There has been a real growing interest in vermouth and bitter Amaros and I think bartenders see Aecorn as a real extension of that.

“These are drinks that need some dilution, like Italian liqueurs. So at the least they need ice, or a splash of soda. The hero drink for us is the NOgroni, which includes Seedlip and Aecorn Aromatic.”

The launch also coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Negroni this year.

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