Banrock Station launches flat bottles in Co-op stores

Australian wine brand Banrock Station has given a UK launch to a flat bottle made from recycled plastic.

Brand owner Accolade Wines has teamed up to produce the packaging with Garçon Wines, the company best known for its bottles that fit through a letterbox, sold through internet gift services in the UK.

Garçon has also teamed up with Accolade for a Hardys Nottage Hill pack for the Finnish market.

Banrock Station’s Merlot and Chardonnay are initially in the Co-op and will be given wider distribution from January.

The 75cl bottles are made from recycled PET that requires 75% less energy to produce and results in 79% fewer CO2 emissions than a virgin plastic pack.

They are 87% lighter than the average glass bottle, resulting in further carbon savings through the supply chain.

The flat design is 40% smaller than the average glass bottle, meaning that 2.3 times more bottles can be fitted on a pallet, having a further positive impact on emissions.

Lindsay Holas, brand manager at Accolade Wines, said: “We pride ourselves on our environmental ethos and our aim is to galvanise consumers to do good for themselves and our planet, as well as supporting retailers to meet the demand for green products.

“The move to using these flat wine bottles is a big step in Accolade Wine’s environmental journey as we manage our business in a responsible manner from vineyard to the consumer.

“This will also allow Banrock Station and retailers to target younger consumers, who on the whole are more aware and concerned for the future of the planet.”

Co-op wine buyer Ed Robinson added: “We are keen to work with supplier partners who embrace the latest sustainable initiatives and, as such, it is very exciting to be involved in this project with Banrock Station.”

The launch will be supported by in-store POS and social media activity.