What’s your fascination with ale??Having been through a lager period in my foolish days I came back to real ale. There are only two pubs in my local area of Crouch End that serve our beer and if I get down there and they run out I really start to miss it, because it’s got its own addictive nature to it. And whenever I go abroad I miss ale.

What’s your first drinking memory? I first got drunk on Cherry B, which was the very small brother of Babycham, the little drink with the big kick. Today, I’m sure it would be revolting and come in a small bottle the size of a chimp’s finger. Me and my brother stole some and, having drunk bottle number four, we were falling all over the place. We also drank a Macky-Vimto – a bottle of Mackeson stout and a can of fizzy Vimto. We were just making our own alcopops, sweetening the bitterness of the stout.

Which other beers excite you? There are a few craft brewers out in the US who are very experimental, Brooklyn is very good, Goose Island too. Here, it’s a lot of the Yorkshire ones: Timothy Taylor’s Landlord, most things that Rooster produce. There are thousands I haven’t tried but they are ones I’d walk into a pub and think “I feel safe now”.

Why did you choose Yorkshire as your brewing base? Yorkshire has a discerning palate and it feels right to develop an ale in this area.

What’s next for Morrissey Fox??We’re working on a best bitter which we’ll probably call Brunette, and then, because we’ve also done Blond, we’ll probably do Redhead – a Belgian style red beer or an American red-amber beer. Then who knows? Maybe Raven which could be a porter or a stout or mild. And we’d love to do an IPA??.