Pursuit of beer's feminine side

Coors' Bittersweet unit sets sights on building up female-friendly brands

Coors has invested millions of pounds in a new business unit run by women

that aims to get

more women to drink beer.

The unit, known as Bittersweet,


examine all aspects of beer and how they appeal to or put off women.

Managing director Kirsty Derry said: "Thirteen per cent of beer sales in the UK are to women, but we looked across at America and Europe and found that is really different - some parts of Europe are up near 40% and the US is 25%.

"The beer industry has to change - it doesn't have a relationship with women, it doesn't tailor its market to women or try to attend to their needs. Our reason for being is to really put right this inequality in the beer category."

Bittersweet polled

more than 2,000 women earlier this year and found that beer's flavour, the way it is

packaged and its man-centric advertising

were a turn off.

It is planning to target women with several beers , such as Kasteel Cru, Kasteel Cru Rosé, Blue Moon and a new clear beer, due to be trialled from June.

The clear brew doesn't have a name yet, but is flavoured with dragon fruit and green tea and tastes like a fruity drink, but not necessarily like a beer.


said: "It is about

choice. They want different beers for different occasions. We think we have spotted that this is something they would like from a beer. "

The unit also plans to educate women about beer through its website, bittersweetpartnership.com, which aims to give women a platform where they can discuss beer, as well as offering information on beer styles and food matching.