Industry plans marketing to demonise drunkenness

Drinks retailers and producers are examining ways their marketing campaigns can help make drunkenness socially unacceptable.

A seminar hosted by the Portman Group last week saw the trade discuss responsible drinking campaigns with government members. They also looked at how marketing could positively influence young adults' drinking habits.

Portman chief executive David Poley said: "There's been a growing movement in the industry over recent months to use its marketing to promote ­responsible drinking. A number of companies have developed their own campaigns. Companies are using their marketing to promote responsibility messages and they are also funding the Drinkaware Trust.

"Despite this, there is a real appetite among some companies to do more."

Portman, whose social responsibility report was also published last week, is aiming to gain support for an industry-wide initiative that can be targeted at improving the drinking habits of young adults.

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