Illegal Scotch whisky could be deadly

Drinks retailers are being warned about a potentially lethal counterfeit Scotch whisky entering the UK market.

It follows the discovery of an illegal West Midlands distillery

that was producing huge quantities of fake whisky using animal feed as a substitute to grain.

Officers from HM Revenue

& Customs raided the premises on Holloway Bank, Wednesbury, and dismantled four illegal stills and uncovered almost 200 litres of alcohol in 33 boxes. Each box contained six plastic 1-litre bottles which were labelled Highland Piper.

John Theobald, senior investigation officer for HM RC, said: "The risks posed to those drinking it would have been totally unquantifiable. Members of the public tempted to purchase cheap counterfeit alcohol have no idea what these illegal spirits may contain, which could potentially damage their health or even prove fatal." A father and son

were arrested during the raid.

Trading Standards has launched a national investigation after bootleg bottles of Glen's Vodka were found on sale in

Buckinghamshire . Genuine Glen's Vodka can be identified by the small AGC logo on the base of the bottle and a distinctive pattern of horizontal lines , according to a spokeswoman. Retailers who have

been offered cheap Glen's should call Trading Standards on 08454 040506.