Myliko reveals new green initiative

Myliko Wines is continuing plans to become more environmentally friendly by signing up to a carbon off-setting initiative.

The importer’s wine producing partners have agreed to plant trees on their land to go towards off-setting carbon emissions created by transporting wines to the UK.

Myliko managing director Hemant Kotecha said: “We are all becoming increasingly aware of how we live our lives impacts on the world and that we must each take individual responsibility to ensure a sustainable future for our planet.

“Like never before, UK consumers are managing their own carbon footprint, leading them to consider the effect that the method of manufacture and transport of every day consumables has on the environment. We are now witnessing a ‘trade’ taking place, with people actively looking for the opportunity to give something back to the environment, in return for what they buy – this new carbon off-set programme helps do just that.”

Producers who have already signed up to the scheme include Chilean producer Santa Alicia, Hungary’s Nagyrede Estate, South Africa’s Bovlei Winery, Covila in Rioja and Nugan Estate in Australia.

Myliko has already pledged to make its business greener. Earlier this year the importer made an agreement with global beverage logistics company JF Hillebrand to use rail instead of road to transport wines through Hungary in a bid to cut carbon emissions.

Nish Kotecha, director at Myliko added: “We are actively trying to lead the way in engineering greener supply routes, limiting the impact on the environment from production through to shipment and distribution across the UK.”